Burn to Give: The Fight Against Child Malnutrition

What if you could turn your burned calories into food for malnourished children? What if with the click of a few buttons, something as easy as turning on your Strava, you could help provide meals for children in Chile, Venezuela, or Uganda? Well, you can, thanks to Eduardo della Maggiora.

“If today was the last day of my life, how would I measure my life?” That’s the question Eduardo asked himself as he watched his mother battle a rare form of leukemia. It would be this reflection that would lead him to drastically change his life’s direction. After 10 years of working on Wall Street as an advisor for mergers and acquisitions all across Latin America, Eduardo decided he needed a big change. A change that would ultimately lead him to create Burn to Give, a platform that converts calories burned into life saving nutrition for children in need.

Last summer I was fortunate enough to work with Brandon Lied and Steel Rock Films to help to tell Eduardo’s story. We shot and filmed the project in Boulder, Colorado, working with Eduardo as he ran, swam, and biked in training for the IRONMAN championships in South Africa and Hawaii. The stills and behind the scenes images were shot using a Nikon D750, while Brandon shot the film with a DJI Mavic, Sony FS5, and a6500 supported on a Movi M5.

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