Welcome to Drew Bennett Productions

We all have a voice and stories that are unique to our own experiences. My craft is to help turn a vision into a final product. From advertising campaigns to editorial assignments and commercial video shorts,  My passion is to take a concept, brand or narrative, and turn it into media that is both transformative and engaging. This is what I love, and this is what I've chosen to dedicate my life to. 

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How did I get here? 

I've always been a visual person with strengths in communication. Ever since I picked up a camera as a college student, I could sit down and visualize images and videos I wanted to create. First purely a hobby, I would photograph new landscapes and the environment around me, a natural way of connecting to my love of nature and a childhood spent outdoors. As I received more positive feedback, I decided to study photography at Appalachian State University, a small public university in the rolling green mountains of Western North Carolina. Boone is a small Appalachian town with an immense amount of personality, character, and public land, and it was here where I would find myself in nature and discover my love of the outdoors and conservation. 

I was fortunate enough to step into a photography department that was transitioning from film to a commercial digital program. This new program was lead by John Latimer at the time, a printer, educator, and digital imaging specialist who studied and taught at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). It would be an understatement to say that Latimer had a profound influence on me both personally and though the program itself. It would be through this program that I would find my niche in commercial photography and the direction that I hope to take in the industry. 

Despite my growing passion for photography in college, I found myself constantly interested in other topics and studies. After spending some time studying abroad in Poland and traveling the Caribbean with a volunteer leadership program, I decided to pick up a second major in Global Studies. This degree would not only broaden my understanding of international social and cultural issues, it would inform and guide my interest in photography and filmmaking. Studying photography gave me the technical skill set associated with capturing images, video, and audio, but Global Studies helped me discover what was important to me as an image-maker and what stories and projects have become important to me as a photographer.